In order to find matching spare parts for your Probeetle suitcase it is essential to first identify what product number your Probeetle suitcase has. This is done by finding a 13-digit number within your suitcase.

Without the 13-digit model number it is not possible to correctly identify your suitcase. Even though many spare parts may look similar to the spare parts currently installed on your suitcase a different wheel height or a different height of the telescopic handle would mean that the new spare parts would not fit your suitcase.

Follow the instructions below to identify which model you have.

Where is the label with the model number located for hard shell suitcases?

For hard-shell suitcases from this brand the label with the model number may be located in different placed depending on the production date. Possible locations include:

  1. Inside the interior side pocket
  2. In the middle of one side of the suitcase near the maintenance zipper
  3. Next to the side pocket

What number do I need to look for?

The label you are looking for contains a 13 digit product number. For newer items this number is starting with the digits 4715670... (for older models this number may start with different digits).

Important: The layout and information on the label can defer slightly from the sample on the sample image based on the production date. Each suitcase only has one label with such a code.

What is next?

Use the search bar on top of the page to select the brand of your suitcase and type in the model number of your suitcase.

The search results show all spare parts currently available for your model.

Important: If there are no results for your model number this means that currently no spare parts are available anymore for your model.

You cannot find a label with your product number in the suitcase?

In rare cases your suitcase may not have a label with the product number inside. This is typically the case for two different kindy of products:

  • Products which are older than 15 years: In this case there is no product number available inside the suitcase. Unfortunately, for these product no spare parts are available anymore.

  • Products which are less than 15 years old: In this case the product has likely been sold in some regions of Asia or Middle East. Please kindly contact our customer support team to find out which spare parts fit your suitcase.